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Permanent makeup


Johanne Béland has been working in the field of aesthetics for over 27 years. She has been a semi-permanent makeup dermographer for 15 years.  Using semi-permanent makeup, she can define eyebrow lines, enhance eyes or lips and camouflage scars.

With specialized training in medical dermopigmentation, she also offers her services to meet the needs of clients who, following cancer or suffering from alopecia, wish to have eyebrow or breast areola reconstruction.

Stylize your look!

Restore intensity and style to your eyes by having well-defined eyebrows adapted to the shape of your face!

This technique is also indicated to compensate for the side effects of medical treatments such as chemotherapy or Alopecia (commonly known as alopecia).

Eyeliner transforms the look, a single line can dress it up, lengthen it, enlarge it

The practical and elegant solution for all those of you who do not have time to apply makeup, who are allergic to certain cosmetic products or who are unable to apply eyeliner themselves.

Permanent eyeliner can also be used to correct eyes that are too close together or too far apart.


The radiance of your smile!

A session can correct a mouth that is too thin, a blurred contour, an asymmetry or depigmentation.

Does the natural color of your mouth seem too bland? Our solution: a "nude" gradient in a shade studied according to your skin tone, imperceptibly colors your lips and brings them back to life immediately.

Repairing dermography!

The purpose of reparative dermography is to conceal scars, to treat a woman or a man who no longer has eyebrows following chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment or who suffers from alopecia, to reconstruct a breast areola....

Thanks to pigments of different colors, we can reconstitute breast areolas, recreate the breast areola or redraw eyebrows after chemotherapy with a real trompe l'oeil .


Beauty of the eyebrows

Microblading eyebrows to restructure the face and Intralash eyebrows to emphasize the eyes | $500

Microblading eyebrows (very natural effect) $350

Microblading eyebrows more shaded | $300

Powder effect eyebrows | $400

Eye enhancement

Eyeliner alone | $400

Intralash eyes to emphasize the look and microblading eyebrows to restructure the face | $500

Eyeliner with bottom line | $530

Bottom line only | $130

Intralash only at the top | $230


Beauty of the lips

Natural Lips | $450

Lip blush | $450