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Facial care

Dry, sensitive, reactive skin


Daily stress & hectic lifestyle?

Your skin overreacts to aggressions and presents sensitivities (redness, sensations of discomfort.)?

A true source of comfort, enriched with pre & probiotics, it helps maintain the skin's natural balance, soothes and relaxes the skin for a long time. Stress and tension are gone, irritation and redness are reduced, and the skin is left feeling comfortable and infinitely soft.

Price: 125.50$


Tightness, fine lines and loss of radiance?

No doubt about it, your skin is lacking water! This treatment enriched with hyaluronic acid and collagen offers an intense hydration bath to thirsty skin. Radiant, it regains its softness and incredible suppleness.

Price: 138.50$

Aqua Secours

To the rescue of sensitive, reactive, and dehydrated skin. anti-wrinkle† care that reduces the appearance of redness. Restores comfort, moisturizes, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and protects against environmental factors.

Anti-aging for sensitive, reactive, and dehydrated skin.

Price: 139,50$


Tiraillements, sensations d'inconfort?

Feeling your skin dry? This high-nutrition care enriched with avocado oil will pamper your dry skin and repair the damage caused by cold or daily aggressions. Say goodbye to your crocodile skin!  Intensely nourished, it regains softness and absolute comfort.

Price: 125.50$