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Body care

Eliminate dead cells, promote oxygenation and cell renewal

For a beautiful and healthy body!

Renaissance care : Eliminate dead cells, promote oxygenation and cell renewal, relaxing effleurage, moisturizing wrap, application of the final cream | 135$

Exfoliation & body wrap : Elimination of toxins and dead cells, hydrates and regenerates with wrap, application of the cream of end care | 105$

Exfoliation with marine salts & body hydration : Eliminates dead cells, promotes skin renewal and moisturizes the epidermis | 90$

Back care

Deep cleansing of the skin, exfoliation, extraction of impurities, modeling, mask, application of the final cream.


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Lymphatic drainage

Stimulates lymphatic circulation, allows the elimination of toxins, provides deep relaxation. Anti-inflammatory action on the tissues, relieves eczema, acne. It acts on the nervous system, muscular (elimination of lactic acid), and on the intestinal transit.


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Relaxes tension, improves blood circulation and promotes better functioning of the body.


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Allows to make circulatory and lymphatic massages, prevents the hydrous retentions of the heavy, tired and swollen legs.


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